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How to install the chat widget on your website

As soon as the chat widget is installed on your website, you're live! It takes two minutes to install, and many customers are able to do it themselves through their website, while others pass it on to their website developers. Either way, it's a quick job.

Here's what you need to know about installing the Yonder widget:

  1. Go to Chatbot and the select Website Widget.
  2. Up the top select Install. From here copy the code/script.
  3. Install the code snippet in the <head> tag of your website, just below your Google Analytics tag. Some Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress have a settings area called "Header and Footer" and you can paste the code here. You can also install the code through Google Tag Manager using "custom code" in the header.</head>
  4. Publish the website, and your chatbot is ready to help!


  • If you're emailing the code snippet take care your email client doesn't change any syntax. We've seen some email clients change things, so if this happens you, copy the code into something like MS Word and send that document.
  • Install the code as high up in the header tag as possible, just below the Google Analytics tag. This ensures it loads quickly on your website and avoids impact from any possible erroneous scripts on your website.
  • If you're using a website based on a single page app (SPA) like Wix, then ensure you select the option "Load every page load".