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Quick start guide to setting up your customer survey

Peronalize your survey

  • Customize the look and feel of your survey, add a logo and adjust colours.
  • Control if you want the feedback to be mandatory or not.  We find around 50% of people leave text feedback, so if you make this mandatory to move on in the survey they'll leave without completing.
  • Set-up additional questions to learn more about the customer experience. Learn how to do that here. Learn the top 5 questions we recommend adding.
  • Customize the thank you messages, which depends on the rating they initially gave.
  • Many customers like to help guide people who gave them a 9 or 10 to share their review to online review site links. Add Review site links here and turn the toggle ON for the thank you message to Promoters. Tips for finding online review site links is here.

Set up auto-send:

Set up your booking system integration, check out our detailed guide how to integrate and control which products we auto-send.

You can control what products are sent to here, in case there are products such as gift cards you don't want to send surveys to: . By default all products are 'active'.

You can switch on when survey's are sent, and how long after the trip, link here.

Send manually:

On the header of the website, click on "Create" and "Send survey" (or go straight there here). You add add names and emails one by one, or select "Add many" to copy and paste in a list.

Click send!

See our detailed guide to sending manually here.