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Send surveys in multiple languages so customers can feedback in their native langauage

Enabling multiple languages within your survey settings means Yonder will send the survey with multiple language options for your customers to choose from. Furthermore, if your booking system provides information to Yonder about the native language of a customer then we'll send the survey in that language.

An example of an email survey request sent in French

How it works:

  1. Choose a primary language to send surveys in by default (in the example above French is chosen as the primary language)
  2. Choose secondary languages to offer customers

That's it, it's all set-up and ready to send.

The English version of your survey is customisable, all other languages use text pre-defined by Yonder.

Note that additional survey questions will only be shown to customers using English, other languages will skip these questions.

How to set up languages:

  1. In Look and feel, switch the toggle "Enable Multiple languages" to ON.
  2. Choose your primary language that surveys are sent in, this is the main text in the NPS email sent to customers.
  3. Choose alternative languages for customers to choose from. These langauges are provided as options in the bottom of the email and on the webpage asking for text feedback. These languages use text labels pre-defined by Yonder, only English is editable by you.

To see what customers will see, in the right hand preview select the languages dropdown.