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How to record feedback your frontline staff hears from customers

Your frontline staff hears positive and negative feedback every day. Use the 'Heard by staff' feature to record it in Yonder so you've got a 360 degree picture of your customer feedback.

Reasons you'd use it:

  • Capture constructive feedback, whether it be heard verbally by staff, received by email, or written on paper feedback forms.
  • Manage complaints. Include customer details so your management team can follow up.
  • Reward staff by acknowledging mentions of their outstanding performance.
  • Integrate the feedback amongst all other sources (Yonder survey + online review sites) so there's a single source to build a 360 degree view of the customer.

How to use it:

  • On the top menu is 'create', click this and then 'Record feedback'. This will open the Record Feedback window.
  • Enter your feedback.
  • Selecting a rating is optional. We recommend using a rating to help you categorise the feedback. Note that any feedback 3 stars or less will send an alert to respective staff that something needs attention.
  • Adding customer details is optional, it's useful so you can follow up on feedback.
  • Post, and you'll then see the feedback listed amongst all others in the Reviews table.