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How responding to customer emails in Yonder works

If someone has left their email within a chat, you can respond from within Yonder. When you respond within the Yonder conversation panel, your response will go to both the website conversation and their email.

Please note that there is a delay of three minutes before the reply is sent. This means if you you send multiple messages then they'll all be sent as one email, or if the customer responds in the website chat within that time the message won't be emailed.

You'll know a response has been sent when you see the 'Email sent to customer' message below a chat.

What the customer sees:

  • An email with a partial transcript of the conversation
  • A button which brings them back to your website, to continue chatting on the website (if they wish)
  • They can reply to that email, it will go to the email you've specified in Settings/Business Details. That means the conversation will come back to your regular inbox.