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Use auto-close to keep your inbox under control

When you're getting many conversations a day, and can't read them all, then it's pretty time consuming to close them to help keep a fresh inbox and focus on what's important.

Closing a conversation is useful to:

  • Refresh the conversation for the customer, they'll see a clean new welcome screen (but you'll still see the entire conversation history).
  • If you're using the Yonder Chatbot, closing means the chatbot will be restarted since it's stopped whenever someone from your teams starts chatting with the customer. Learn more about restarting conversations.

How it works

There is an automated rule that looks at the last message sent within a conversation, regardless if that last message is from the customer or your team. If that last message is older than the 'Auto-close days' then the converation will be closed.

Once closed, the conversation will be restarted and refreshed on the website. You will still see the historic conversation history in case that website visitor chats again.

How to stop it

If you don't want the Auto-close to operate, just specify a large number like 365 days.