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Using pre-defined templates to make replying to chats and reviews faster and higher quality

Using pre-defined templates in chats and review responses can help your team:

In chats...

  • Save greetings, which enables you to quickly respond to customers in that first contact to chat. That increases your chances to chat to a customer before they leave your website.
  • Save links you share often, such as a booking URL.
  • Save common replies, especially replies with detailed information like pricing.

In reviews...

  • Save time responding
  • Set a consistent tone for your staff to respond.
  • Provide staff starting points for responding to various types of reviews - positive, passive and negative reviews.

How to use Template Responses

In chats:

In reviews (Google My Business replies):

  • Click on the template icon, beside chat and review buttons
  • Hover over a response to preview it.
  • Just select to row to insert it into your reply.  It's appended to the end of whatever text is already in the text input box.

How to set-up Template Responses
  • Go to templates, either from the settings menu or the "Manage" link within the add template feature.
  • Select the tab of the type of template you'd like to add or edit - Reviews or Chats.
  • Click 'Add' to add a new a template.  Give the response a useful internal name, and add the text you'd like to use as the response.
  • You can remove templates by hovering on a row and clicking on the delete icon at the far right of the row.