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How to restart the chatbot and refresh conversations

After you've finished a conversation, or if you want to refresh the conversation for a customer, then use the 'close' feature that refreshes it from the customer point of view. We still keep all interactions and future conversations associated to the same website visitor/customer, giving you the full overview and context to help the customer.

Why use it?

  • We didn’t want a ticket orientated system, customers aren’t tickets, instead we preferred an approach which includes giving you the full overview of all interactions that customer has had with you.
  • Restart the chatbot after you've chatted with someone
  • Refresh the conversation so the customer can see the most recent welcome message content when they return to the website, and help them initiate a new conversation journey.  

How it works:

  1. A customer has a chat with the chatbot, or even your staff.  When you're done, close the conversation.
  2. When you close a conversation it will be refreshed for the customer and the chatbot turned back on and ready to respond.
  3. Any new conversation will continue on from previous conversations from your side (but not from the customers’s side) to give you the full content in order to help them the best you can.   We wanted to keep the full history of a website visitor or customer so you’ll still see their full history and old conversation.