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How to use Team Feedback

We noticed many Yonder customers asking for feedback about their team, as an additional question within their Yonder NPS survey.  So wouldn't it be great to collate all the results for each team member into a nice dashboard to make monthly performance reviews better? That's exactly what we've done with Teams:

  • Add the 'Team' question to your Yonder Survey to ask customers who they interacted with and get structured feedback on individual team members/guides.
  • Customise attributes you ask - what went well and what can be improved
  • A dashboard summarizes that feedback (only available to admin users).
  • Drill down to see all results per team member.

One customer using it said, "We have involved our Operations Leadership team in it and shown them how to use the system so they can look at a reward/incentive program based on the feedback – something they have wanted to do for a long time but had no way of collating accurate info together."

For privacy reasons, only admin users have access to the Team dashboard and team member results

How it works for a customer completing a survey:

  1. The question is part of the 'additional questions' within the NPS survey.
  2. A customer is asked to choose someone they interacted with
  3. Provide a rating for that person
  4. If the rating was 5/5, then positive attributes are offered (customisable by you), and feedback is requested. If the rating was 4 / 5 or less then 'improvement' attributes are offered (customisable by you). The responses for these are matched to that person in the Team Feedback dashboard.
  5. The survey moves onto the next question. [Being able to offer feedback on additional feature is a future feature].

How to set up:

  1. Go to Teams.
  2. Add team members. Role is optional. If you don't have an image then the first initial will be shown as an avatar icon.
  3. Add the Team question into the survey.  Go to additional questions, add a question and select "Team". It can only be added once into a survey.

  1. There are several different fields you can edit, all are pre-populated. If you don't want to offer any attributes for the user to choose from, just remove them all from the respective field. When you click into an editable field the appropriate preview will appear.

Suggested attributes for "What did we do well" and "What can be improved" see this article.

  1. Save and the survey will now be live. If you like you can send yourself a test.

How to see results:

Once you receive results, you can see within the review detail and the dashboard.

Review Detail:

Only admin users have access to the Team dashboard and team member results


You can also click on a team member to drill down and see all relevant feedback. Adjust the time range to build a suitable report.