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Compressing images

Are you trying to add some beautiful images into your responses or survey? Images need to be compressed so users can load them quickly on their device. We've limited the images you're able to upload to 500Kb (0.5Mb).

For the best quality that's within this limit use .jpg with an image width of 800px.

Below are some tips to achieve this, depending on the type of computer you use.


Use an external service: http://www.imageoptimizer.net/Pages/Home.aspx

  1. Upload your image
  2. Set max width to 800px and quality to normal
  3. Download the image and bingo, your image is ready to upload.


1. Copy the image and rename so you don't destroy your original

2. Open the image with Preview (or you can open multiple at once)

3. Go to Tools / Adjust Size...

4. Set the max width to 800px. Set resolution to 72 pixels.

5. Then Save the image. It should now be compressed to less than 500Kb. If not then adjust width down a bit until it's ok, or 'export' and save it as a .jpg and shift the slider down to a slightly lower quality.