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Improve your performance by learning from what customers ask

What your customers are saying or asking is a goldmine of useful insights for customer service, marketing teams and managers. In fact, questions through chat are representative of what many other website visitors are probably thinking, but not asking.  

Being able to quickly review and analyse thousands of messages and conversations in seconds is immensely valuable.

Use Yonder's Customer Insights feature to help:

  • improve your website content
  • discover problems in the booking process, or broken links
  • keyword analysis for search engine optimisation (SEO) and Adwords performance
  • discover opportunities.

Improve your website content

  • Does the information the customer asked for exist on your website, or is it clear enough? Ask yourself: "Why are people asking this"?
  • Is the information too difficult to find, at the bottom of the page or too many clicks to find?
  • One of our customers searched all the unmatched chatbot questions for words like "buggy", "Accessibility" "wheelchair". They found a high number of people asking about this, but there was no content on their website about it. They learnt customers with accessibility needs were a persona they were potentially missing out on, by not having sufficient information or providing them confidence their activity was suitable (which is was!).

Discover problems in the booking process, or broken links

Keyword analysis for SEO and Adwords

  • What words are people using to describe your products? Use keyword search to discover themes.
  • One customer used the word "experience" to describe their product but their customers were consistently using tour and trip. This enabled them to optimise their Adwords performance.

Discover opportunities

  • Review the "Default Fallback Intent" and see if people are asking for a product or service you don't currently offer.
  • One customer saw a theme of questions related to pick-up from a location they didn't currently offer. By adding that new service they were able to generate new revenue.

What can you learn?

Start exploring and asking "why are customers asking this question?"

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