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How to analyze conversions in Google Analytics

Create an audience segment. You'll need to load a report page to see the option for this. Go to any report page, or Conversions / Goals / Overview.

Click on 'Add segment'

Then click on "New Segment"

Click on Advanced / Conditions.

Change the first filter to "Event Action"

The econd filter to 'contains'

The third filter to 'startConversion', which means include all sessions where someone had at laest one message with the chatbot. An alternative is to use the filter "Event Categiry" with the name "Yonder Interaction". This will include all interactions with Yonder widgets on your website.

You'll also need to add a name for this event, it's just for your account use

Click save. Now there is a segment with the name you gave.  To use it, click 'Add segment' and scroll down to select the one you added. This means this segment will be shown in reports, to help breakdown by Yonder interactions.

Some reports to find information on conversions are in sections Behaviour and Conversions / Goals.

Happy analysing!