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How to integrate with Checkfront

Get your API Keys

Go to "Manage" and "Developer"

  • Create new application (in left hand menu)
  • Create a name like "Yonder"
  • Authentication type = Token
  • Then "Create"
  • Please copy and paste the 'API endpoint', 'API Key' and 'API secret' and enter it into Yonder, see steps below

Enter your API keys into Yonder

  1. Go to https://app.yonderhq.com/settings/integration and select Checkfront.
  2. Paste the API details from Checkfront into the respective fields.
  3. Hit 'Activate'
  4. You can confirm it's pulled in your product list by navigating to the tab "Manage Products", or use this link. If you're integrated successfully you should expect to see a list of all your products.  Every time you open this page an API call is made to refresh the product list.  If there are any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to Yonder support (support@yonderhq.com) or Checkfront Support.