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How to automatically gather mentions of staff names in reviews into the Team Performance Dashboard

We frequently see mentions of staff names within reviews.  With the @mentions feature, within Team Performance, we automatically gather all reviews relating to staff names, both Yonder reviews and other integrated sources like Google Reviews.

If you're not doing it manually already, it means you've got more information at your fingertips for performance reviews. If you are already doing it, you'll love the time you can save..

Here's an example....

How it works:

  1. Create a team member. Note you don't need the person to be "Active in Survey" or even added to the survey for this @mentions feature to work, it works for all people listed in the Team Member list.
  2. In addition to the name of the person, we can search for variations of that persons name. In the field "Auto-match @mentions ..." add a list of alternate names separated by a 'comma'. For example 'John, Jon'.  Save it.
  3. Click into a particular team member to see detailed analytics. Click on tab "@mentions" to see a list of them all.  Change the date range if you need.


  • This is performed as a whole word match, not parts of a word.  
  • Names with a space between them are treated as seperate words. Eg. if someone is called "Ann Marie" then we will listen for "Ann" and "Marie" as independent words. Therefore, ensure your list of alternative names looks something like: "Ann, Anne, Marie, Mary, Annmarie, Ann-marie" etc.
  • From receiving a new review it may take up to 10minutes for the @mentions to match team member mentions.
  • The more variations you add, including spelling mistakes, the more likely we can pick-up mentions of that person.
  • If you have team members with the same name we are not able to discern a difference between them, reviews with that name will appear across the relevant people.