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How to get integrated with Fareharbor

Submit a Support Ticket to Fareharbor requesting integration with Yonder

1. When you request a support ticket, share with Fareharbor the webhook link (this receives your booking information), there's a unique webhook link for each account. You'll find this in the Fareharbor setup page.   Also request API keys and shortname.

Tip: Request Fareharbor to send through all existing bookings in the future, to populate the Yonder database so we can start sending survey's soon.

2. They will share back an API key and shortname (this pulls your product/item information, to help us match feedback to different products/items/tours etc. and give you control which ones you send to) . Enter this in the Fareharbor setup page.

  • Click 'Activate'.
  • Now click to the the 'products' tab and you should see all of your Fareharbor 'items' populated. From here you can control which products you want surveys sent to, although you'll still need to turn the master "Auto-send" surveys ON within the survey settings.

Tip: Shortname is used in the URL of your fareharbor dashboard, and your booking system URL. It'll be a single word with no spaces.