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How to setup integration with IBIS

There's two parts to the integration between IBIS and Yonder...

  1. Retrieve a list of products in your system and retrieve live availability for the products (for use in the chatbot). This feature only requires a 'System code'.
  2. Retrieve booking information, to enable the sending of customer surveys post trip. Both the system code and an API key (unique to your business) are required. If you're not using the customer survey feature, just enter a couple of random letters as it's a required input.

You'll need to ask for both the System Code and API key from your Ibis representative.

Enter details into Yonder

Enter these into Yonder, then click 'Activate'.  Expect to see a Green success message. If you get an error, please check the details are an exact match, check back with IBIS or let us know and we can help.

Check the list of products has connected

Click on the tab 'Manage Products' below the heading.

Expect to see a list of all your products connected, like below.

For more information how to complete the setup and management of send settings for you customer survey, go to this article.