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How to setup Zaui integration with Yonder

Create an Agent

- Go to "Contacts" and "Manage Agents".

- "Create an agent". Use a username like yonder-api, create a random password and any other minimum required contact information

- Save/Create.

Give that agent API access

- Go to "Contacts" and "Manage API Integrations"

- On the left hand panel, "Create ZAPI Partner"

- Find the agent you previously created (eg. yonder-api) and select it.

- Enable "Allow access to Private Information"

- Enable "Enable logging"

- Then 'Create'

Add the following information into the Yonder Booking System integration area:

  • ZAPI Api Token
  • Account ID
  • User ID

Once you've entered, hit 'Activate'.  Expect to get a green success message.

Then click to tab "products" and you should see Yonder has automatically pulled in all of our product information. You can now activate auto-sending of reviews.