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How to stay within the Zapier monthly limits

Zapier counts a zap (or an event) towards your monthly usage any time a booking event is sent from your CRM to Yonder via Zapier. However, we only really want bookings that are in "CONFIRMED" or "CANCELLED" states (cancelled so we know not to send to an order we had in our system).  And we only want to know about bookings that include a customer email address.

To only send the booking events we want then we can use Zapier "Filters" feature. Within the zap's you've created, select the 'plus' icon between your CRM and Yonder and add a "filter'. Learn more how to do this in the Zapier article, link here.

Here's an example of a filter setup with Rezdy Booking system, used to only send if the order is status "CONFIRMED" or "CANCELLED".  This means that bookings which are on hold, reserved and so on aren't shared with Yonder until they become confirmed. These are names within the Rezdy system, so be sure to pay attention to the names your CRM uses.

Some other filters you might like to use:

  • Only send if customer email is there. In Zapier select the respective field and allow sending if the value of that field is "not blank". Or, only send if the field contains "@".