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How to stop the chatbot and chat with a customer

Your chatbot is always ready to greet and help guests. There may be situations you're there to respond live, so how do you do it and what happens?

If you've got the conversation panel open and opened to a conversation, you can see conversation between the Yonder chatbot and a customer happen live in front of you.

To intervene and start chatting with a customer, just start typing.  The customer will see a typing indicator and as soon as you've sent a message both you and the customer will be clear it's now a human chatting.

Making it clear that there's now a human chatting


  • When a customer messages you back later you'll get a notification (on your browser, email and mobile app push notification).
  • If you've "closed" the conversation it will shift back into "open" if the customer responds back later.

Note that the chatbot does not turn back on, if the customer messages back in an hour, day, month from the same device then you'll get a notification to respond. The reason for this is, once staff is chatting then that conversation typically goes deeper and a lot more context than what the chatbot knows, and if a customer responds they're expecting that message to go back to the staff they were chatting with.

Note: If you're testing and you experience the chatbot turn off, you can start a new conversation by following these steps, see article.